Magic Elements - Color Lines

Simple and fun puzzle game. Free to play. Skill up to advance.

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If you enjoyed Color Lines (Lines 98, Line 98) in the past, you will love this game. It is optimized for smartphones. And an adventure system with magical elements. Fight the monsters in the wild. Keep the world in peace. This will not be an easy journey. Get ready and go!

===== Hints =====
- Match 5 elements to attack
- Move element together to build up the momentum slowly but efficiently
- Every time you move, 3 more elements pop up randomly
- Keep attacking the monster to clear the stage and proceed
- Efficiency is the key to win
- Chain up your attacks to give more attack damage
- Elements are more powerful if they are matched 6 or more
- Using items to level up and be stronger
- Upgrade the rarity of your elements to gain significant power
- Leveraging the items. They are your friends in the journey
- Watching videos to gain more items. They will make your journey a little bit easier

Free Download

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